Jumper Seats For Babies – Guide & Reviews

baby jumper seats

Jumper Seats for Babies have suspended sling style seats that hang from a spring or a rubber cable that is clamped above a door architrave. Other jumper seats for babies come integrated into a Jumparoo, which is a combination of a jumper seat surrounded by baby toys.

The seats are designed to support the baby who is not yet to stand and position him in a semi-standing position with the baby’s feet touching the floor.

The baby will bounce in the seat by pushing their feet against the floor.

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What are the health benefits of baby jumper seats?

The jumper seats allow the baby to use his developing leg muscles. This fun activity will help the baby to exercise the legs, which as a result helps in the development of stronger and healthier legs.

Some parents claim that the exercise helps in the development of baby’s legs, which helps the baby to learn walking independently at an early age.

Many parents who use the baby seats agree that an active baby sleeps better at night. They use baby jumper seats as a solution to get rid of the baby’s excess energy.

Besides the health benefits, parents can rely on a baby jumper seat to keep their baby delighted and have a break to perform their household chores.

Different Types of Jumper Seats For Babies

There are different baby jumper seats available in the market. This means that you have a wide selection to choose from in accordance to your baby’s needs and your preference. The most common baby jumper seat includes stationary jumper seats, stationary activity jumper seats, and doorway jumper seats.

Stationary Activity jumper seats

These jumper seats consist of a seat, elastic cord, a frame and a tray filled with toys. The number of toys as well as types of toys surrounding this jumper seat will vary from one jumper to the other.

However, their aim is to enhance the activity of your baby while enjoying going up and down.

Stationary Jumper seats

You will find these seats fitted with an elastic cord and a strong frame for stability. The seats will keep your baby entertained and give you a break to perform your daily chores.

Doorway Jumper seats

These seats are suspended from straps that attach to a bungle like a cable. The other end of the seat, there is an elastic cable with a clamp to attach on your doorframe.

General tips to help you use the Jumper seats safely

Most of the safety concerns while using the jumper seats come down to common sense. Please adhere to these tips to maximize your baby safety while using the jumper seat.

  • Keep the floor clear by removing sharp objects that your baby can step while jumping.
  • Stop using your jumper once your baby exceeds the weight and height limit
  • Do not use a jumper near pools, stair or other hazardous areas.
  • Always place the jumper on a flat, level surface.
  • Do not leave the room when your baby is jumping.


Although there are many jumper seats available on the market, we would like to recommend some of the best baby jumper seat based on their safety, affordability, baby comfort and design.

Fisher Price’s Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher Price is one of the safest baby jumpers to use comes with an adjustable and comfortable seat to keep your child entertained. It is also filled with many interactive toys.

Price & Review Price & Review

Jolly Jumper with Super Stand

Jolly jumper is also another excellent choice that comes with a comfortable and removable seat. This configuration supports the baby’s spine and keeps them in a healthy posture. It is attached to a sturdy spring that allows them to jump and bounce as much as they would like.

Price & Review Price & Review

Graco Bumper Jumper

Finally, we would like to recommend the Graco Bumper Jumper. The seat is easily removable and washable. It is also a perfect choice for individuals looking for an inexpensive option. Additionally, it has an all round bumper that keeps your baby protected from a collision while still allowing him to sit in a comfortable manner.

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Final Verdict

These are just some of the jumper seats that have attractive features. There are many other options online. Go through the customer reviews for you to find a safe and comfortable baby seat for your lovely son/daughter.

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