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Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review

All moms are looking for an engaging and colorful jumperoo for their babies. If you are one of them then, read this Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review. Your kid will be busy jumping, bouncing and discovering toys with great pleasure.

Moreover, it is so encouraging to take the first steps, too.

Fisher Price offers First Steps Jumperoo with bright colors and joyful music to catch children’s attention.

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo is very easy to use, and it does not take long to understand how to make things work.

The Jumperoo has excellent stability, so your kid will get the most out of bouncing, jumping and entertaining.

It’s a good idea to keep your child happy and give him or her independence freeing up your personal time to do other things.

This toy will become a lifesaver for many moms. You can do cooking, gardening or washing without your baby getting bored.

Just put you sweetie in Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo and your kid will be happy and safe.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

The product would be definitely appropriate for:

  • Busy moms.
  • Moms/homemakers whose children are fidgety, disobedient and need much attention.
  • Young families with little experience.
  • This Jumperoo is designed for kids who hold their heads up independently with a maximum weight of 11.3 kilos (around six months old).

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review

In this Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review I talked about why the most mom like Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo. I have analyzed all the features, specifications & performance of the product and now going to review the product in detail. Let’s go and see the Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review.

Two products in one

First Steps Jumperoo is two products in one. It’s a jumper and a walker, no need to buy them separately. Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo is a free-standing with steel frame which allows a baby to jump and turn safely.

  • The frame extends, so you kid can take the first steps easily.
  • 2AA batteries are required.
  • Spinning 360 degrees around.

Height adjust (3 positions are available)

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review

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Push the four yellow buttons and pull the frame up to the height you need.

The seat is suspended by four springs. It provides limited move from left to right and up and down.

When your kid is ready, the frame extends, and the platform moves back and forward for walking.

  • Soft covers to keep little fingers safe.
  • The seat pad can be removed and washed.

Variety of Toys

You kid will definitely like a lion mirror, a frog, a spinning crocodile roller, a butterfly bead and others.

As the seat can be rotated 360 degrees, a baby can get any toys whichever he or she likes playing with.


lights on toys and sounds will keep a baby enthralled for a long time.

Two modes of music are available.

The volume control has low or high volume.

You can also shut off the sound completely.

It is a great feature because endless listening to the same music can definitely get irritating, no matter what the toy is.

Easy Instruction

The instruction is very easy to follow. Installation will take around 5-10 minutes.

For the purposes of safety

Your kid should not be able to climb out of the toy.

It should be placed only on flat surfaces and away from sharp objects. A child that can sit independently and hold head upright.

Always keep your kid in view while in the toy.

Possibilities for growth and development.

The toy teaches a baby not only to learn and watch the surrounding world but to do physical activities: jumping and walking.

When baby jumps, walks, and moves, motor skills become strengthened.

Babies learn how to make things happen.

Colorful toys, joyful sounds, and music develop baby’s senses.

How to entertain and enjoy more?

Demonstrate some of the specific features to your kid; show how to start lights or music.

Sing along with your baby and let him or her repeat the sounds after you.

Encourage your baby to bounce a little faster.


  • Motor skills improve as a baby practices using the toys. Development of leg movement and eye coordination.
  • The product is quite easy to put together.
  • The seat is washable.
  • 3-level adjust of height what is important as baby grows.
  • Your baby is entertained all the time. Spinning around, bouncing and watching are so much fun!
  • The springs are covered with fabric.
  • Access to a variety of toys.


  • The price tag is rather high for some parents. See current price on amazon.
  • Quite noisy. Although kids love loud sounds, three-minute songs will grate on your nerves and may be irritating.


Q: Is it possible to order replacement parts?

A: Yes. You just need to enter the product name, number and purchase the parts online on the official website or other online stores.

Q: What other types of jumperoos are available?

A: You can find a full range of Fisher Price jumperoos on their official website but here are the 6 best fisher price jumperoo

Q: Is the Jumperoo fully safe for my kid?

A: Yes, absolutely. The toy has good stability and steel frame, so your kid may jump and walk freely.

Q: What are the battery requirements?

A: 2AA batteries

Q: What is the weight limit?

A: The max weight is 11.3 kilos.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: The min age is six months and over.

Q: Is it easy to fold the toy away when not in use?

A: Sure, it can be unassembled for a couple of minutes.

Q: Was there a recall?

A: No, it wasn’t.

Q: What if I lost washing instructions?

A: All instructions can be downloaded from the official website.

Q: First Steps vs. Rainforest Jumperoo, which one to purchase?

A: It depends on your goals. First Steps affords to walk, whereas Rainforest not.

Final Verdict

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo is definitely at the top end of the modern market and a recent addition to a long line of Fisher Price jumperoos.

It is one of the easiest models to use.

It can be used for babies from the age of 4 months to maybe 12, so it will become a real helper for a long time.

Fisher Price makes amazing baby products that so many parents love.

Customers can trust the quality and safety of the toys.

Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo is one of the best toys parents can give to their kids to help them develop and entertain. We have a complete list of the best baby jumper on the market, you can see.

Fisher Price has several jumperoos to choose from.They are similar on the whole. The main difference between the products is the animals and color scheme.

As you can see, the product not only saves time and effort for the parents but also helps the child to develop his skills in physical activity.

The kid will be surprised by a new toy that will entice him into a world of fun.

Together with Jumperoo you will help your child to grow faster.

Let me to know your opinion on this Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Review. Ask me anything you want to know in the comment section, I don’t forget to replay you.

Buy Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo on Amazon, Now! Buy Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo on Amazon, Now!

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